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Welcome to my director page ;-)

As you can check on my Bio, I have a BA in Acting form Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil) and a Master in Acting International from East15 (UK). Nevertheless, since my graduation project, Margaridas Enlatadas (Canned Daisies),  in 2006 I've been playing the role of director in several devising productions. For a long time, acting, directing and writing was almost the same thing for me: making theatre, making a show (that matters for me) happen. When me and my group created the site-specific show Drive-Thru in 2009 in São Paulo, it became clear for me that I were a director as well. Besides the work of the whole conception (including the set) we would direct short monologues written by us that we would present inside an acrylic box. There I could direct and be direct my partners as well as perform my own texts. During the 5 years that we performed the different versions of this show (Tropical, Contemporary Authors, Kids and Rodrigueano Drive-Thru) I could exercise the role of directing without the pressure of having your name signed above the name of the production. In the meantime, from 2010 to 2014 I could work with the Cia dos Outros as producer and stage manager on the shows Corra como um Coelho, A pior banda do mundo and Solos Impossíveis, that I also was a colaborator in the creative process. We did several gigs, festivals and tours with these shows and I could be an outside eye for the director (she was also acting) during each show. It was a truly exercise for me to be able to give feedbacks to the actors in order to support them to improve along the gigs. In the process of the show A pior banda do mundo I could be on the final stage of the rehearsals and be the assistant director during the opening show in 2012. I've learn so much during the years I was with Cia dos Outros!

Then, in 2014 we did a show in collaboration with my company, Teatro Enlatado and Cia dos Outros: Feira de Mistérios e Novydades (Fair of Mysteries and News). it was a immersive show, conceived and directed by me and Carolina Bianchi, presented in a important venue in São Paulo in 2014. 

In London, after finishing my MA at East15, I was selected to be one of the nine directors of the Young Directors Programe of StoneCrabs Theatre. It is a seven months residency to emergent directors in London. During this time, I have done several workshops with professional directors from diverse background and I had the opportunity to direct my first professional production in London: the show The End of All Miracles, by Paulo Santoro, presented at Albany Theatre in March 2017. This programe was utterly important, because I could learn how to produce my work in London and I had a proper directing training. 

Currently I am producing my one-woman show The Tropicália Island, written and directed by me as my final monologue at East15. I intend to write a one hour show, and I will have Ramiro Silveira co-directing with me. I can't wait for that!

I like to  direct shows that are playful, very physical, focused on the actors and engaged on the audience’s imagination. I feel  delighted to re-invent ordinary life, bringing other possibilities for reality. The theme of the play has to be important for me, it has to matter in a personal level. Definitely I like to tell a good story in an imaginative way and ALWAYS with humour and personal references. I strongly believes what is meaningful for me, will be meaningful for the audience.

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