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Producer, Stage Manager and Creative Colaborator

Solos Impossíveis

(Impossible Solos)

This show was my third colaboration with Cia dos Outros and opened at SESC Belenzinho (important venue in São Paulo) in September 2013. 

I was part of the researching process and devising of the show. I edited some of the projections, assisted some rehearsals and I was the producer along with Carolina Bianchi. I had  a very personal involvement with all aspects of this show. We did gigs in important venues in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.




Two solos presented in sequence: "Tamara Karsavina" and "The Optomistic". 

Tamara Karsavina is a ballerina with no talent who dances performing small roles  in a big dance company ensemble. Her dream is to be be an actress and perform Shakespeare. During her journey she falls in love with an astronaut  and  works in erotic films from the 80's. When she finally becomes an actress, she dies  on the stage, delivering her first monologue.

The Optimist is a show in format of a National Geographic doc thats portraits the most important expedition in the life of a navigator. He tries to reach the top of the world. Storms, sea monsters, doubts, memories and the arrival in to a wild island happen during his journey. The parody of existence, the failure and its unfolding are themes present in this physical theatre piece.


Conception and dramaturgy: Carolina Bianchi

Directed by Amanda Lyra and Carolina Bianchi

Cast: Carolina Bianchi and Tomás Decina

Assistant director: Carla Zanini

Stage Manager: Fernanda Mandagará

Sound design: Miguel Caldas

Lighting design: Pedro Cameron

Videos Edition: Fernanda Mandagará

Choreographs: Morena Nascimento

Set design: Amanda Lyra, Carolina Bianchi and Tomás Decina

Photos: Carolina Mendonça

Videos: Leila Banana

Production: Carolina Bianchi and Fernanda Mandagará 



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