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Actress, creator and co-director

The Fair of Mysteries and News

This show was a massive immersive show I directed for the event Virada Cultural of SESC Belenzinho in São Paulo. Virada Cultural is a 24-hour cultural festival that occurs annually (usually during the month of May) in the city of São Paulo, Brazil. Events at the Virada Cultural include various live music concerts, films, plays, art exhibits, and other cultural activities and performances all over the city. 

This project was created by me and my partner from Cia dos Outros, Carolina Bianchi. Our starting point was to create a gipsy fair with references such as Emir Kusturika films, decadent amusement parks and videokes you can easily find in any Brazilian popular street fair. This mix of loose characters and unusual places and objects need the audience to be complete, to survive. Humor and melancholia, intrinsic coarseness, mix of Brazil with East Europe. Decadent entertainment. Doubtful taste. Tacky  and naive characters take you back to your childhood's circus.

During 4 hours we had the numbers happening all at the same time:

The base of the fair: The Videoke Morango do Nordeste (The Videoke Strawberry from the North East), where the audience could sing and have a chat wit the owner Regina (performed by myself) and her son, fan of Michael Jackson, on the tables of a kitch bar. Love and melancholia and a well chosen selection of songs.

The Gipsy of the Future 

With a mysterious past and ramblings about the love and existentialist philosophies, who sit in front of her will know a little more about the future.  Tarot. Chiromancy. Reading the edge of the coffee. 

Monga, a Mulher Macaca (Monga, the monkey woman)

Monga, her loves and fears. Monga and her heart shattered  by her lover. Nothing  scarier than  love.

The Smallest Whale in the World

In one small box, lit by a lantern we can see the smallest whale in the world. We can also listen to her story using an earphone. 

The Street Artist

Elastic, dangerous and with lots of bad habits. She will present to the audience her incredible show of physical skills. Contortion. Magic. Fortune teller since her childhood she is capable of reading the aura of the people. Acrobat. Panther.



Direction and conception by Fernanda Mandagará and Carolina Bianchi

Dramaturgy by Carolina Bianchi


Amanda Lyra, Carolina Bianchi, Carla Zanini, Fernanda Camargo, Fernanda Mandagará, Maira De Grandi, Mariana Mantovani, Pedro Cameron, Tomás Decina

Costumes by Roupa de Santo

Set and Props by Fernanda Mandagará

Executive Production by Fernanda Mandagará

Assistant of Production: Izabela Pimentel

Production by Teatro Enlatado and Cia dos Outros

Supported by Sesc Belenzinho

Virada Cultural 2014



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