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Actress, writer, producer and one of the directors


The dramaturgy was created by the Co. freely inspired by the universe of the acclaimed Brazilian writer Nelson Rodrigues. With sarcastic humour, female characters confess to the public issues related to their daily lives, loving relationships and identity.

Drive-Thru is a theatrical intervention in a fast-food format. The "consumer" chooses what to watch from a menu with 8 monologues to pick from - each monologue takes maximum four minutes. In clear irony about the consumption society, the public order and watch individually to a mini show within a big acrylic box. The monologues were written by the actresses, based on individual issues about modern identity. 


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Original Ideia, Direction and dramaturgy by Teatro Enlatado

Performed by  Fernanda Mandagará,  Maíra De Grandi

e Mariana Mantovani

Lighting by  Mariana Mantovani

Costumes by Teatro Enlatado

Videos by Teatro Enlatado


Executive Production by Fernanda Mandagará

e Maíra De Grandi

Production by  Cia Teatro Enlatado

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