Inverted - from Death to Love

This site-specific modern version of Romeo and Juliet was my first professional show. It was an enormous responsibility to perform Juliet and I am so glad it happened in my life in 2003 and 2004. This show, directed by a respected and talented director from Porto Alegre, Marcelo Restori (Falus & Stercus Co); wasn't performed following the chronological order of the play. The director re-created this classic bringing others layers for the most famous love story in the world. 

With a wonderful team of professionals this production got funding by the Brazilian government and was staged in two different places: the courtyard of an deactivated psychiatric hospital and in a famous public terrace of Porto Alegre city.

Mix of physical and immersive theatre, with african songs and gothic references, this show was a perfect way  of starting  my professional career!



By William Shakespeare

Directed by Marcelo Restori

Cast: Ana Luiza Bergmann, Fernanda Mandagará, José Renato Lopes, Marcos Rangel, Muriel Vieira, Renata Savaris

Lighting design by Veridiana Mendes Matias

Costume design by Daniel Lion

Bacantes Company Production