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Tropicalia Island

           A mud flood has devasted the world. Only three safe places remain: Himalayas, North Pole and Tropicalia Island. Amanda Ferreira is the native emigration officer receiving refugees (the audience) willing to flee from their submersed countries to seek asylum in her tropical paradise. Of course, there are rules and it won't be easy for the ‘exotic white’ people to fit in.

          Directed by Ramiro Silveira, Tropicalia Island is a modern allegory of our times, full of music, dance, audience interaction and irony. Stereotypes underline real perceptions in a world where the absurdity of the situations provokes laughter and awareness of the crude reality of asylum seekers.

          Tropicalia Island is a warn, a punch of reality. It is musical, contagious and surreal. It is a tropical dark comedy where sexism, xenophobia, homophobia and bigotry are twisted and revisited.

         Tropicalia Island is a show in a set made of inflatables, fake coconut trees and cocktails, where the audience, who is divided in three groups (red, blue and yellow) is invited to participate. An evening of laughter and surprises. A tropical escape to reality.

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“Important advice for man: you do need to protect yourselves and be very cautions here. Always try to go out escorted by a woman. Especially in the evening. And be aware how you dress, you can’t expect respect in Tropicalia Island if you are wearing a micro short or a tight t-shirt.”

Clip (full footage on request)


Audience Feedback

“Surreal, very political, delightful dark comedy, not to be missed!” Andre Pink (Dende Collective)

“Inventive and powerful piece of theatre.” (Franko Figueiredo - StoneCrabs Theatre)

“Very Brazilian, very universal, sadly actual.”

Carol Bianchi (Cia dos Outros – São Paulo

Creative Team

Text: Fernanda Mandagará

Director: Ramiro Silveira

Cast: Fernanda Mandagará, Charlotte Laporte, Leanne Shorley and Sophie MacArthur

Voice Over: Robin Ian HallSmith and Eleanor Rowe

Stage Manager and Producer Assistant: Carla Tosta

Costume Designer: Susana Pedroso
Set & Props: Luis Benkard
Light Designer: Imanol Rubio
Graphic Designer: Maura Hayas
Photos: Leandro Facundo
Production: Tropical Company


Next gigs:

July 7th - Clout Festival! in Barking

Info soon


July 25th - Ventnor Fringe

Buy your tickets here


July 20th and 27th - CASA Festival - Arcola Theatre

Buy your tickets here

Past Gigs

2015 – Corbett Theatre, East 15 Drama School. 15min version presented as final monologue for MA Acting.
2017 –Camden Fringe, Etcetera Theatre. 30 min version, part of the double bill Landings.

2017 – Edimburgh Fringe – 30min version presented at ZOO Southside, part of ZOO Firsts Programme.
2018 – Royal Vauxhall Tavern. 7min cabaret version presented at Duckie Cabaret.

2019 – VAULT Festival. Sell out premiere of the 60min show.


Why Tropicalia Island is relevant?

- Sell out at VAULT Festival with great audience response.
- Political dark comedy about immigration made by immigrants.
- All female cast with a BAME protagonist, bringing diversity to the stage.
- Immersive show that invites the audience to go through an absurd immigration process. As the show is set in the place where the refugees are in quarantine, it can be performed in various places: theatres, arts centres and non-theatre spaces.
- With an international creative team and cast, it brings a mix of languages: physical theatre, cabaret, dance and comedy.
- Thought-provoking new writing that addresses issues such as bigotry, sexism and racism in an engaging and entertaining experience.
- Economic production, with a set made of inflatables and a few props. It also has catching-eye images with a unique appealing visual design.

Show Info

Genre: Theatre

Suitability: 15+

Duration: 50min – 60min

Interest tags: theatre, performance, international, comedy, cabaret, immersive, politics, BAME, Brazilian, dance, dark humour.

Warning signs: audience interaction, loud bangs, content of an adult nature and haze.

Tech rider

Lighting: standard lighting equipment required, although very flexible. Sound: Sound system required and wireless microphone desirable.

Other tech equipment - Rotating mirror ball and haze machine desirable.

Stage requirements: The show is performed in end on, but also can be performed in semi arena or in an alternative space such as a tent, a hall or even in a non theatre room.

Set is made of inflatables and plastic plants, easily attached on the floor, ceiling and walls.

Seating: the cast will welcome and seat the audience.

Load in time: 30min
Set up time: 1h30min(flexible depending on the venue)

Get out time: 30min

Crew (including actors): 6 people

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