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Actress - Vera

Zona Contaminada

(Contaminated Area)

by Caio Fernando Abreu

This show was created and presented at University of Rio Grande do Sul as final show of our first contact with the directors of the direction course in 2003. It was my first physical comedy and its was such an intense experience. The cast was fabulous as well as  the direction that was focused on the actor's work. So we could explore several possibilities before block the show. We had workshops on clowning and melodrama and there I've discovered my first comedy skills.


The sisters Vera and Carmen are the only healthy people in future where everybody was contaminated by a nuclear prague and became zumbis. Vera is the strong warrior that goes outside everyday to get food. Carmen is the dreamer who has her imaginary friend, Mister Nostalgic. They are safe in their bunker until Vera falls in love with the Camaritá men, apparently the last healthy tropical men.  Then  a hope appears: get to the Calmaritá Island. 


Text by Caio Fernando Abreu

Directed by Florência Gil

Cast: Daniela Gué, Fernanda Mandagará, Tadeu Lisenfeld, Thiago do Amaral, Carolina Bianchi and Diones Camargo

Tutors: Cláudia Sachs and Patricia Fagundes

Set, Props and Costumes: the group


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Zona Contaminada 080
Zona Contaminada 093
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