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Assistant Producer/Stage Manager

(Run like a Rabbit)

I was assistant producer and stage manager of this amazing and outlandish show from 2010 to 2011. It was my first collaboration with Cia dos Outros Company and the first time I was producing a show without be involved in its creation. It was a great opportunity to understand the whole process of producing and touring with a show. We did gigs in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre and several Festivals all over Brazil. Corra como um Coelho (Run like a Rabbit) had very good reviews and made the company well known in the São Paulo Fringe scene. And for sure it made me a better producer. 


Directed by Fernanda Camargo

Cast: Carolina Bianchi, Tomás Decina and Pedro Cameron

Dramaturgy: Cia dos  Outros

Research Tutor: Antônio Araújo and José Fernando Azevedo

Assistant director: Maria Tuca Fanchin

Lighting and sound Technician: Luiz Gustavo Viggiano

Stage Manager: Fernanda Mandagará

Art direction: Antonio Vanfill and Tomás Decina

Soundtrack research: Carolina Bianchi and Bruno Monteiro

Costumes: Cia dos Outros

Graphic design: Tomás Decina

Videos: Leandro Goddinho

Photos: Maria Tuca Fanchin

Production: Carolina Bianchi and Tomás Decina

Stage Manager and Assistant producer: Fernanda Mandagará





Three characters in a elegant and kitsch set, cluttered with silverware and stuffed animals. A suicidal posh lady, a ingenuous and clumsy foreigner and a young boy who was mysteriously injured. They all give tragicomic speeches on the stage. With a mix of physical theatre and lapstick, they transform the scene in to a maze, where we are not able to tell what is real or false.   


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