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Actress and Producer

For Elise

This beautiful tale of dogs, chickens, humans and avocados promoted the launching of Contemporary Brazilian Theatre, an anthology sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil and edited by Oberon Books.

Video in Portuguese about the show.

Written by Grace Passô

Translated by Daniel Hahn

Directed by Ramiro Silveira

Cast: Andre Pink, Andrew McPherson, Fernanda Mandagará, James Little, Najla Andrade

Musical Direction by Ella Bellsz

Musicians: Christopher McDougall,Ella Bellsz, Tom Bauling, Victoria Compson-Bradford

Assistant Director: Edwina Strobl

Voice Over: Lisa Dierick

Costume Design: Henri Gjestvang

Lighting Design: Ben Jacobs

Lighting Design Assistant: Piotr Pawarski Graphic Design: Maura Hayas

Make Up: Katarzyna Pawarska

Voice Couching: Leon Trayman

Produced by Fernanda Mandagará & Ramiro Silveira

Supported by The Embassy of Brazil in London


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