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Sweetness & Light 

A performance created by Luke Dixon.

Welcome to a dark and mysterious world. A world of darkness. And of females. Suggested by life inside the beehive, Dixon's work creates a world where the inhabitants communicate with a dance of touch and scent. In a sensory performance that brings together live art and contemporary dance, 'Sweetness and Light' leads its audience into a place of sacrifice and ritual

Director: Luke Dixon
Costume: Joanne Donn
Stylist: Charlotte Randell
Performers: Melanie Eden, Judith Georgi, Ali Gilling, Rudina Hatipi, Maria de Lima, Fernanda Mandagará, Isabella Orlowska, Frances Panchoo, Jenny Patrone, Millicent Perez, Elsa Petit, Maggie Tolmei, Nashira Santanatalia-Gomez, Maggie Tolmei, Emelie Wangstedt.

Performances Colchester Arts Centre and Conway Hall London, 2012


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