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Producer/stage manager/actress stand in

(The world's worst band)


A band intending to be a jazz band and without any talent has rehearsed for 10 years. They have never done a concert until now. They are preparing their first concert ever.

The play is an adaptation of the Portuguese José Carlos Fernandes's comic books that brings a nostalgic atmosphere to talk about failure in different aspects of life.

This show is really special for me. It's my second colaboration with the Cia dos Outros Company, group that became my second family. I was the producer of the show, together with Carolina Bianchi, my partner in so many crimes (and projects). After our opening show, besides been the producer and the video operator,  I also became an outside eye during the other gigs we would do and the stage manager. We performed this show from 2012 to 2015 in several venues in São Paulo and  Rio de Janeiro, besides tours and Festivals around Brazil. A Pior Banda do Mundo (The World's Worst Band) was a success of critic and audience. We got  funding from the government as well as  from private cultural trusts. During an important gig we did in Brasília I was Carol Bianchi's  stand in performing the adorable character Salomé. This show is still part of my bloodstream. Doing this I had to learn to roller skating, play the trombone and speak an invented language.   

I can say that be watching A Pior Banda do Mundo so many times, and being played different roles in the same production with so many talented artists was a precious school for me. 





Conception: Carolina Bianchi

Directed by João Otávio and Carolina Bianchi

Cast: Amanda Lyra, Carolina Bianchi, Clayton Mariano, Tomás Decina and Pedro Cameron

Dramaturgy: Carolina Bianchi with the group collaboration

Original Song: Botika

Stage Manager: Fernanda Mandagará 

Sound design: Miguel Caldas

Soundtrack research: Carolina Bianchi

Costumes: David Parizotti

Lighting design: Fernanda Camargo and Pedro Cameron

Set design: Tomás Decina

Sound and lighting Technician: Luiz Gustavo Viggiano

Sound operator: Joana Flor

Production: Fernanda Mandagará and Carolina Bianchi

Graphic design: Tomás Decina and Carolina Bianchi. 



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