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Actress, writer, producer and one of the directors


Drive-Thru is a theatrical intervention in a fast-food format. The "consumer" chooses what to watch from a menu with 8 monologues to pick from - each monologue takes maximum four minutes. In clear irony about the consumption society, the public order and watch individually to a mini show within a big acrylic box. The monologues were written by the actresses, based on individual issues about modern identity. 


Along the years we have been  performed Drive-Thru, we created different versions. You can know more about each one here:

How does Drive-Thru really work?

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***This is the first show of my theatre company in Brazil called Teatro Enlatado (Canned Theatre). This site-specific performance was a sucess since our first gig in São Paulo in 2009 and it is still performed by my company all over Brazil. I am very proud of that and I intend to produce a London version of Drive-Thru soon. 


The theatre as a product, the audience as its consumers. Drive-Thru is a new language developed by the Cia Teatro Enlatado in form of a nomadic theatrical performance intervention that proposes the use of alternative physical spaces, such as pavements, parks and squares, museums, etc., thus dislocating the theatre environment and the action of going to the theatre. By offering a theatre menu composed of monologues with “canned” themes and characters ready for consumption and providing instant and practical

satisfaction to the entertainment need of passers-by, Drive-Thru mocks the

idea of fast food concept and the concept of consumer society. The theatrical

experience takes place within minimum space and time, in a scenario structure

 of 2 meter long and high by 1.5 meter wide divided in half, with an acrylic wall that separates product (actor/scene) and consumer (viewer) and suggests a relationship of purchase and sales. Each monologue scene lasts for about 4 minutes. It is the spectator him-/herself who choses what to consume: he makes his order before entering the booth and watches the play individually. Through an innovative prism of strong humorous criticism, the themes of the monologues run through personal identity to interaction issues, among others. The theatrical scenes, of own authoring and created by the actresses of the Cia Teatro Enlatado themselves, have always granted the public a unique repertoire. Today, the performance also relies on a partnership made with few Brazilian contemporary play writers invited to create monologues for exclusive use of the Drive-Thru.



Original Ideia, Direction and dramaturgy by Teatro Enlatado

Performed by  Fernanda Mandagará,  Maíra De Grandi

e Mariana Mantovani

Lighting by  Mariana Mantovani

Costumes by Teatro Enlatado

(first version by Márcio Bueno Dias)


Videos by Teatro Enlatado


Executive Production by Fernanda Mandagará

e Maíra De Grandi

Production by  Cia Teatro Enlatado

Drive-Thru Project

More info:


Sesc Av. Paulista
Sesc Av. Paulista (2010)
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