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Actress, writer, producer and director

Drive-Thru is a theatrical intervention in a fast-food format. The "consumer" chooses what to watch from a menu with 8 monologues to pick from - each monologue takes maximum four minutes. In clear irony about the consumption society, the public order and watch individually to a mini show within a big acrylic box. The monologues were written by the actresses.

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Since the our first gig of Drive-Thru we have had children interested on coming inside the cabin. Children of all ages were always curious about Drive-Thru. Then, at that time we felt  we should create an option of  monologue that the parents could watch with their children, and it was a success! We liked so much to perform for children, and they feel so comfortable inside our small theatre that after a good research we finally created the Drive-Thru Kids in 2011. We  had an incredible demand of audience since then: we got several fundings from the government and cultural spaces to perform Drive-Thru for kids in festivals, schools and communities. We could reach places in the suburbia of São Paulo without a theatre. Drive-Thru was the first theatrical experience of many children who didn't have the possibility of going to a conventional show. I have learned so much with this experience and I am very proud that my company is still doing this so important work in Brazil. 



Original Ideia, Direction and dramaturgy by Teatro Enlatado

Performed by  Fernanda Mandagará,  Maíra De Grandi

e Mariana Mantovani

Lighting by  Mariana Mantovani

Costumes by Teatro Enlatado

(first version by Márcio Bueno Dias)


Videos by Teatro Enlatado


Executive Production by Fernanda Mandagará

e Maíra De Grandi

Production by  Cia Teatro Enlatado

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