Actress, dramaturgist, producer and one of the directors

(Canned Daisies)

This show is so important to the artist I am now! Margaridas Enlatadas (Canned Daisies) was born in 2006 at the University as our graduation show. Me, and my two closest friends, Daniela Gué and Muriel Vieira decided at that time that we would devise our final show. Our aim was to have a show that reflected our time and our feelings as well as ourselves as artists. We had one year of research, investigating several literary material. We tested different procedures and acting techniques focused on devising. By the end we got a final text, an adaptation of four short stories by the acclaimed Brazilian writer Caio Fernando Abreu. With the help of our tutor Gisela Habeyche we could reach an energetic combination of text based and physical theatre show. After presenting the show at University of Rio Grande do Sul, in 2007 we got a gig in Porto Alegre, where we could really achieve a professional result. 

In 2008 We moved to São Paulo and during that year we presented Margaridas Enlatadas in two well known theatres there. In the same year and also in 2009 we participated of some Brazilian Theatre Festivals, among them the International Theatre Festival Porto Alegre em Cena, one of the most important in South America. The name of the show, Canned Daisies, was the inspiration for the name of my Company, Canned Theatre, and we consider this show part of our history as a theatre group.

This show was my first professional experience as a producer, dramaturgist and director and it went really well. It has given me confidence to express myself not only as an actress but also as author and creative artist.


A busy woman in the centre of a big city is trying to pay her bills.During her journey she will find surprises  that will expose her deep feelings. After all, should her forget everything and just go to the cinema? The Jane Fonda franje, a life that is not hers, it's not yours, a life where everything has a happy ending. Margaridas Enlatadas (Canned Daisies) talks about the frustrations of love, racism and the cruelty of living in a massive city.


Dramaturgy, direction, executive production and performance by Daniela Gué, Fernanda Mandagará and Muriel Vieira

Based on the short stories by Caio Fernando Abreu:

"Creme de Alface" (Lettuce Lotion), "Os Dragões não Conhecem o Paraíso" (The Dragons don't know the paradise), "Os Sobreviventes" (The survivors) and " Para uma avenca partindo" (For one avenca that is leaving me)

Tutor (first version): Gisela Habeyche

Actress stand in: Florência Gil

Costumes (first version): Chica Bolacha

Costumes (second version): Márcio Bueno Dias

Props: the group

Lighting design (first version): Felipe Vieira

Lighting (second version): Ricardo Oliveira

Sound design: the group

Videos (second version): Lucas Brandão

Graphic design: Felipe Gué

Photos (first version): Elisa Viali,Fernanda Chemale and Edgar Neumann

Photos (second version): João Leoci and Rafael Avancini

Reel: Fábio de Borthole

Part of the inicial research: Ana Luiza Bergman and Marcos Contreras

Director of Production (Second version): Fernanda Mandagará

Produced by