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Actress and Producer

(The Rhinoceros, the Moon and the Barrel)

Based on  short stories by Peter Peter Bichsel

Directed by 

The Rhinoceros, the Moon and the Barrel is a show for children from 3 to 90 years old. Based on three short stories by the acclaimed German writer Peter Bichsel, this physical theatre show was directed by Ramiro Silveira and was produced by my Company Teatro Enlatado. We did several gigs in well known venues in São Paulo as well as important theatre festivals in Brazil.



Three girls super cool and stylish will tell stories using puppets, props and a barrel. Jú, the curious nerd, Dani, the super japanese ninja and Mel, the clumsy  romantic ballerina will have fun with the audience. A rhinoceros appears as if by magic to inspire the man who didn't want to know anything else anymore. And a barrel comes to life in order to prove that the earth is round.



Based on the short stories by Peter Peter Bichsel

Directed by Ramiro Silveira

Cast: Fernanda Mandagará

          Maira De Grandi

          Mariana Mantovani

Costumes by Carlos Ramiro Fensterseifer

Props by  Mariana Mantovani

Lighting design by Fernando Azevedo

Puppets by Ubiratan Carlos Gomes

Sound design by Ramiro Silveira

Graphic design by Maura Hayas

Cartoons by Mariana Mantovani and Caroline Ruthner

Production by Teatro Enlatado


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