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Dandy Minion of Taylor Mac
A 24 Decade of History of Popular Music, by Taylor Mac (more info soon)
Reality the Final
Photo by Terry Cripps
ACTRESS (character Vladine)
I Walk in your Words
directed by Kristine Landon-Smith
Richmix, March 2017.
The Tropicália Island
For Elise
Photo by Leandro Facundo
Forgive me for you Betraying me
Photo by Beth Kress
The End of All Miracles
Photo by Leandro Facundo
The Country Wife
Photo by Andrew H Williams
Photo by Andrew H Williams
Carmen Disruption
Border Force
Sweetness & Light
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Photo by João Leoci
Drive-Thru Tropical
Drive-Thru Nelson Rodrigues
Drive-Thru for children
O Rinoceronte, a Lua e o Tonel
Photo by Victor Lemini
Feira de Mistérios e Novydades
A Pior Banda do Mundo
Photo By Thiago Sabino
Corra como um Coelho
Photo by Tuca Fanchin
Solos Impossíveis
Roberto Zucco
Photo by Felipe Aristimuño
Contagem Regressiva
Photo by Rafa Borges
Margaridas Enlatadas
Photo by João Leoci
Curta Passagem
Almas Devolutas
Vestido de Noiva
As Lágrimas Amargas de Petra Von Kan
Photo by Fernanda Chemale
Zona Contaminada
Photo by Elisa Viali
Romeu e Julieta Invertido
Photo by Elisa Viali
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