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Lola Del Fuego

Drag and neo-burlesque artist

Photo by Caio Sanfelice
LOLA_DEL_FUEGO_Credits Mx Momo Monroe_ M
Photo by Mx Momo Monroe/ Momographs
Photo by Caio Sanfelice

Lola Del Fuego is a fierce and versatile Latin performer who plays different characters, hosts and creates acts by commission. Her acts are a mix of comedy and burlesque, with a Brazilian flavour. With many years of theatre in her background, Lola graduated at The Art of Drag School with Michael Twaits in 2019. She also did Queerlesque Course with Rubyyy Jones and already performed at Duckie, Bar Wotever, Soho Theatre, VAULT Festival and Barbican, with Taylor Mac.

Lola Del Fuego can go from comedy to lust in a few seconds and will make your evening highly entertaining. Book Lola here.



1. Miss Visa Denied
Lola Del Fuego is a cleaner who dreams with her 15 minutes of fame. She will cheer you up with several acts from her past as an illegal immigrant in the border of Mexico. If she can’t get the Visa, she’ll certainly get the crowd!
Requirements: a microphone
Duration: 7 – 9min (she can also host as
the local cleaner)
*Video on request

LOLA_DEL_FUEGO_Credits JR 3.jpg

2. Lights to the Queen

Lola Del Fuego brings her Brazilian fierce energy to this burlesque act, full of surprises and mischievousness.

Requirements: a chair

Duration: 5 min

LOLA_DEL_FUEGO_credits Wxtch Pxs 2 cpct.

3. Watch her Disappear

In this intimate Burlesque act, Lola Del Fuego is having a relaxing time at home. Expect Tom Waits, sensual atmosphere and lust.

Requirements: a chair

Duration: 5min

LOLA_DEL_FUEGO_credits Wxtch Pxs 1 cpct.

4. Copacabana

Lola Del Fuego remembers the time when she used to be a back vocal in a suspicious casino at Tropicalia Island. Expect feathers, comedy, Barry Manilow and 'incredible' dance routines.

Requirements: a microphone

Duration: 7min
*Video on request.

The_Tropicalia_Island-32photo by Leandro
Photo by Leandro Facundo
The_Tropicalia_Island-2. photo by Leandr
Photo by Leandro Facundo
LOLA_DEL_FUEGO_Credits Mx Momo Monroe_ M

LOLA DEL FUEGO is also Fernanda Mandagará, a Brazilian actor, playwright, cabaret artist and independent producer. Trained at East15 Drama School and UFRGS (Brazil). She also did a residency at Globe Theatre, Directing Residence at StoneCrabs Company; Cabaret & Drag Lab at Soho Theatre; Queerlesque course with Rubyyy Jones and The Art of Drag School at Royal Vauxhall Tavern. From 2003 to 2014 Fernanda worked as a professional actor in Brazil, where she is one of the founders of Teatro Enlatado Company, based in São Paulo.

In London, her credits as actor and performer include: Tropicalia Island (VAULT Festival), Where We Began (Camden People’s Theatre, HighTide Festival and national tour); A 24- Decade History of Popular Music (Barbican), Brazil Diversity (Theatre 503), I Walk in your Words (RichMix and Omnibus Theatre); among others. She directed the show The End of All Miracles (Albany) and was the winner of the Press Award UK 2017 (award given by the Brazilian International Press for her productions in UK). Recently Arts Council commissioned her research on Cabaret language in the programme Developing Your Creative Practice.

Photo by Mx Momo Monroe/ Momographs
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