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My first experience as a producer was thrgouh a 

I’ve been producing and making theatre in São Paulo, Brazil, since 2005 and I have a large amount of experience on managing workshops, dealing with theatre companies, liaising all aspects involved in events and organizing schedules, budgets, personnel and everything else related to producing/production. The excitement of being part of a project connected to emerging artists and the fact of considering myself, in spite of my previous experience abroad, as someone entering the UK industry, eager to learn and make things happen, give me strength to be sure this is the job for me.

Besides my acting training (I have an MA in Acting from East15) since I’ve started working professionally as an actress, I’ve been also involved in all aspects of productions, events and festivals. As you can see on my CV, I have large experience on working alongside people in all levels, I understand how a festival is put together, I have an inside knowledge of large theatre companies and practitioners from all over the world and, above all, I have the enthusiasm and energy to be part of a team.

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