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17 January - 21 January

Dende Collective – the Anglo-Brazilian Theatre Company presents the European premiere of a new play by the most prized Brazilian writer of the moment as part of the festival Minds Less Known at The Courtyard Theatre in Shoreditch, London. Jô Bilac’s work, virtually still unknown in Britain, finally arrives in the UK for five evenings only: 17 - 21 January 2017 at 8:45PM. Actors: Fernanda Mandagará - Vladine Alejandro De Mesa - Nataniel Ged Petkunas - Matias Ciara Ellen Molloy – Bianca Musicians: Ella Bellsz - Accordion Tom Bauling - Guitar Directed by André Pink Produced by Emi Del Bene Lighting design by Ben Jacobs Costume design by Henri Gjestvang Voice coaching by Leon Trayman Flamenco coaching by Lourdes Fernandez Videography by Hannah Hopkins Jones

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