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The Tropicalia Island at ZOO Firsts

I am thrilling to announce that my solo was selected to be presented at ZOO Southside venue during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, part of the Programme ZOO Firsts. I couldn't be more excited!

You can check the ZOO website:


The Tropicalia Island is set in a paradisiac Island. A mud flood has destroyed almost the whole world, with just The North Pole, The Himalayas and The Tropicalia Island left habitable. Billions of refugees are arriving on boats on a daily basis. Amanda Ferreira, the interim president and immigration minister is on the shore talking to the European refugees about the asylum rules and opportunities for them in her country.

Especial participation of Lisa Dierick.


Edinburgh Festival Fringe Part of Zoo Firsts Programme Zoo Southside Monday, 14th of August at 7:30pm. FREE ENTRY!

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